Monday, February 21, 2011

An open letter to Mr. Aguilera

Dear Mr. Rafael Aguilera,
We are buyers from Trampolin Hills and Trampolin Royal Dreams who would like to know your opinion on the situation of Solera El Trampolin S.L., both in its own right and as a company which guaranteed many of the Trampolin Hills contracts. We have contacted the court "Juzgado Mercantil número dos de Murcia", and have been informed that it is possible for bankrupt companies to sign an agreement with the Bankruptcy Trustees, thus avoiding a liquidation of the assets which most certainly will result in great losses for the buyers. Such an agreement might imply, for example, the building of the urbanizations, with financial aid and the due licenses and approvals promised by the town hall of Campos del Río. This seems like a feasible way of avoiding great financial damage to your clients. We would therefore like to know if you see this as a possibility, both for Trampolin Hills and Trampolin Royal Dreams.