Saturday, January 30, 2010


(Association for the Affected of the Trampolin Group)

We would like to communicate to you that the association is being formed; in head of the association are Emilio and Cristobal (....). Shortly we will provide you with the admission application. To start with we think that the first step should be for as many affected as possible to join, so as to, with all our force, decide by a majority what is the best solution for all and what way to go to achieve this. Sincerely and after consulting with experienced lawyers in these matters, the formation of a communal ownership is not advisable as a first option without investigating first how this would work and the risks which that would imply.


All those assisting should bring their contracts and any other relevant documentation. The meeting will be for the members and those who wish to become members; we really do not wish to contradict anyone but after so much time looking into the matter and now that good news for all may be imminent, we wish to bring you all the information we have, openly, and all the possible options to obtain progress, although all decisions will be taken democratically.
Not that we do not wish to give information but there are individuals who by means of the forum take advantage of some of the information to confuse the idea that the more we are, and the more united we are, the stronger we are; this strength, in the end, will help us achieve any of the goals we set. Because of this, from the time of formation of the association, the information of the association will be reserved for the members and sent to their email address. We also wish to comment that from this association, we are willing to defend the interests of the affected of the Royal Dream promotion who contact us, as they are likewise affected and in a very similar situation.
Thank you to all those who support the association, which is the first step and the most important to achieve all that we aim for.
Pardon us for not writing a lot in the forum, as all our energy and time is being dedicated to achieve progress.
All those who are interested in joining the association, please contact us at the following email address so that we can send you the application form:
Please confirm your assistance to the following email address indicating as reference “CONFIRMACION DE ASISTENCIA”:

The Association for the Affected of Trampolin Hills and Royal Dream

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting 07/02/10

After a considerable number of affected have contacted us wishing to join, we have decided to hold a meeting (Sunday) 7th of February 2010 in the morning in Murcia (we will inform you of the exact place; first we need to know the number of participants to choose larger or smaller premises).

This will be a meeting only for members or those wishing to become members.

To cover charges we have decided to set an inscription fee of 24 €.
Later on it might be necessary to pay a monthly fee of 10-15€ (all this will be debated on the day of the meeting and depends on the number of members).
The payment form will be by direct debit, as we are more than 1500 affected, and if not we would need to employ a person to take note of these payments, which would raise the costs.

Meanwhile the affected can sign up online; shortly, when we have the association completely formed (we still need an address which we will solve by the beginning of this next week), we will set up the form. We will also give an information telephone number.

A lot of people do not use internet, please try to spread this message.

Best wishes

Association for the Affected of the Trampolin Group


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meeting with workers union

Good afternoon,
After the meeting this morning with the CCOO (workers union organization) we inform you of the agreements made. First of all they kindly offered us, to start with, offices from which to work with the association.
Secondly they also offered us their solicitors to advise us.
They will try to talk with Mr. Jose Ballester who is the council member for Public Construction and Housing in Murcia to see how he might help us. They will also contact the bankruptcy administration lawyers. They are on our side and are willing to support us in all our work because this will generate a lot of jobs in the area.
As you can see, we are advancing slowly, it is very hard, but we are accomplishing advances.
Best wishes
Association for the Affected of Trampolin Hills
Cristobal, Emilio and Patricia

Friday, January 15, 2010

News from Cristobal, Emilio and Patricia

First of all we would like to apologize for not having made public more information recently, as we do not want to make suggestions which later turn out to not be feasible and because of the current situation we do not want to confuse anyone. We would like to inform you that after meeting with the bankruptcy administrators, with Grupo Trampolin, various legal advisors, the Mayor of Campos del Rio, talking with the Comunidad Autonomo de Murcia
(Murcia regional administration) (we are still waiting to meet up with the judge, workers commissions and political parties) and after having gathered an important quantity of contrasting documentation, we believe that the best option is to form a legally constituted association., as we are being asked to do to be able to take part in meetings, apply for information and documentation to show all of you,
We are in a complex situation, but this does not mean it is impossible; we now need more than ever that all stand united in this project and that we all join in.
The three of us, Cristobal, Emilio and Patricia, offer to continue being the representatives in these matters, but as we have said, we all have the same rights and obligations and need to stand united and work towards the same goals. Although we are the ones who are in the frontline, all the members of the association are equal and will have access to the same information as we do. We have started the procedures of the forming of the association (the statutes, application form, etc. will be made public in the forum).
As all associations, we will need legal advisors to represent us in legal matters, which will be required, as well as fiscal advisors and qualified people to supervise technical matters.
A lawyer who is in charge of a large number of national and foreign claims regarding Trampolin has recently contacted us. She agrees totally with what we are doing and she and her clients wish to join us in our cause, because they know that unless the building goes ahead we will see next to no money back.
Monday, the 18th, probably, we will meet with her in Murcia. We will let you know what has been said and if you agree, she might be the lawyer to represent us.
All of this will lead to a series of expenses, which all the members of the association would have to pay. (until now, we are paying between us). All of this could be debated in a meeting which will be organized shortly, and to which we ask for the maximum number of participants. It would be about 20-30 €. It is not a lot when shared by many, but a lot for one person to pay. We have a meeting room granted to us by the town hall of Campos del Rio, and will arrange a meeting as long as a considerable number of people are willing to assist. There we will explain everything, as you wish. (This will be an opportunity to sign up as a member of the association, as well as online, and we will also provide telephone numbers to call for information exclusively for those who can not attend the meeting).
Our main objective is the following:
-That the properties are built, as this is the only way to avoid loss; if this can not be done we will not obtain our homes nor our money.
-The sums paid to be legally guaranteed.
-That those who do not want or can not complete the purchase recovers their money, or a resale of the home.
-And that the conditions in the contracts are respected.
-If we finally are not capable of obtaining such a solution, we will unite to ask all those to blame for the situation to take their responsibility.
Through this forum we will inform you of the date and time for the meeting and we would be grateful to those who know of others who are affected but not registered in this forum, if they could inform these.
Thank you and best regards to all.
Cristobal, Emilio and Patricia.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 to all, we hope you have enjoyed your holidays.
An important meeting regarding the financing of Trampolin Hills Golf Resort is set for 14/01/10. We are hoping the financing goes through so that the resort can be built. This depends partially on the quantity of names we can present on our list of buyers, so please do not forget to add your name and spread this message.
Thank you.