Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest News

Latest News:

The Town Hall of Campos del Rio has been approached to ask for a copy of the Resolution regarding the Partial Plan, which is already set for definite approval by the end of this month
(a very important guarantee for the financing).

The Campos del Rio office building is being closed off to prevent further theft and vandalism by order of the bankruptcy administrators.

We have visited the Court to apply for a meeting as soon as possible with the Judge, who seems to be in our favour.

The Town Hall of Campos del Rio grants us a meeting room for our meetings, talks to clarify matters, press conferences, television, radio….

We have applied for a meeting next week with the bankruptcy administrators to discuss the following matters:
- Approval of the Partial Plan
- The state of the bankruptcy, situation, financial matters, how it can be cancelled, etc.
- For this meeting they want to know how many buyers we represent. We need to represent a substantial number, as the authorities will always act to the benefit of the majorities. We therefore ask that the buyers who are registering in the list give their consent for us to take it to the bankruptcy solicitors.
The list is to know the total number of buyers who are interested in having their houses built. If not everything will be left in the hands of the Bankruptcy, from where we will certainly not recover all of our money.

FORM: (For the English version please click on the British flag)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


To paralyse the bankruptcy procedures and in the future accomplish the cession of the land to the buyers we need to make the list with the buyers who want to complete their purchase in the same conditions as was originally agreed. These are the principal objectives: paralyse the bankruptcy and the land in the name of the buyers.

The Judge and bankruptcy administrators have been approached and are willing to help us.

Either we have the urbanization built or we will not see our house nor our money. This is the only way to avoid loss.

And we must struggle to achieve this.

Here is the form to fill in: (for the English version, please click on the British flag)

If anyone has any doubts, please ask us. Some are saying that not all have internet available, and if that is the case then contact us so we can reach you by phone or mail.

Best wishes,


Friday, December 18, 2009

Trampolin buyers are coordinating and negotiating to cancel bankruptcy

Among the some 80 buyers who met for the first time on Saturday, were several buyers who each in there way had been working for alternatives to the bankruptcy. Emilio from Madrid had launched the idea of a cooperative as he, apart from being a buyer, is also a professional in this area. Cristobal from northern Spain had several months earlier moved to Campos del Rio with his parents, who are pensioners and appeared in the TV program, and basically made a full time job of putting pressure on all parties hoping to speed up the urbanization. Patricia from Bilbao had contacted national Spanish TV and organized the meeting so the TV program could be made. Pablo, computer technician, had created the Spanish forum and mailing list which made the meeting possible. Also, Anne, translator, had assisted in creating this blog and is trying to provide as much information as possible in English.

The result of the coordinating and negotiations so far is the possibility of cancelling the bankruptcy, as a first step to getting the project back on its feet. We see this as the only way to avoid massive losses. The bankruptcy was provoked by another company (NOT THE BUYERS). It benefits this other company and the administrators (NOT THE BUYERS). It has so far been conducted without the knowledge of a large number of buyers, especially foreigners, who were not notified in time to send in their applications to be in the list of creditors. The deadline for this expired on the 2nd of December and can not be extended. Although it is seen as the bankruptcy administrators’ responsibility to contact the creditors, it is legally sufficient to do this by way of a note in some official bulletin which very few, even Spanish, read. Meanwhile the administrators who are now responsible for the property have let the doors of the office building and all the show houses remain open to theft and vandalism. For this task they are so far charging 400 000 €, which of course has been allotted from the assets we as creditors should be claiming. In simple words, this is; THE BUYERS’ money. We have seen that in similar cases in Spain up to 20 000 000 € has been paid to the bankruptcy administrators, who are assigned by the Judge (NOT THE BUYERS). What is left for the creditors to fight over is only the crumbs. This is what we are now struggling to avoid.

A list of buyers who want the bankruptcy cancelled and that the urbanization can be built will be presented to the Judge through our solicitors and for this to have any impact as many buyers as possible need to be on that list. The form to fill in is already in the Spanish forum and will hopefully be added to the English section in English very soon. Apart from filling in your details you can contact any fellow buyers you know and most especially the estate agents you might have bought through, which again can contact other clients and agents in their network. Spread the news! (And Merry Christmas!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All English mailing list

To subscribe to the new all English mailing list for Trampolin Hills buyers, where we can all send our comments and updates to everyone through e-mail, please send a message to:
The Spanish mailing list has worked very well, making possible the gathering of some 80 buyers for the TV program on Saturday, so we are hoping to get together the English speaking buyers to exchange ideas more actively as well.

New buyers' forum

Please see also the new buyers' forum:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Important news for Trampolin buyers

By means of this e-mail we will summarize the idea which we propose after the “meeting” on Saturday 12th of December.

Cristobal (Murcia), Emilio (Madrid), and I Patricia (Bilbao), have been discussing the current situation for some time.

Our conclusion is that having reached the present situation, recovering our money would be very difficult, because of the bankruptcy issues. (We have direct experience of how these cases normally end. A long time would go by and we would see our money disappear.).

So, as we do not wish to lose our money, the only real solution we can see is the construction of the urbanization.
This would be very difficult but possible.

What we need to do is to unite to prevent the bankruptcy to proceed, try to obtain the land, and have the urbanization built.

What do we ask?
-That the urbanization is completed as it was planned years ago.
-That the money we paid is taken into account.
-That the price we were promised is maintained.
-That our money is guaranteed.
-That no more money will be required, at least until the building is completed to a certain point as reflected in the contracts.
-Those who do not wish or can not complete the purchase would have their payments entirely refunded.

To accomplish this, that is to say to be able to complete the urbanization and stop the bankruptcy procedures, and for the financing, we have been asked for a list of buyers who still wish to complete the purchase under these conditions.

To prevent this from becoming a madhouse, the three of us (Cristobal, Emilio and Patricia), offer to be the spokespersons for the buyers who wish to go ahead with this idea (both to inform, meet, etc., which is what we are already doing). As this is the only way of achieving some order. This is costing us both time and money, so we therefore ask for your patience. We are three people who have bought homes in Campos del Rio and we are taking the responsibility now and for the future to supervise and guarantee that the information is correct, and that everything is being done legally and surveying all movements.
This will apply whoever is in charge of the construction.
We do not want this to happen again!!

We do not want more lies! And we will make sure we are informed of everything which is going on at all times.

(Going ahead with this is no hindrance to continuing the legal complaints)

What are we doing?
We are looking for the ways to accomplish all this, as soon as possible.

-We are negotiating with the Trampolin Group to reveal the conditions of the land.
-Also with the bankruptcy administrators, financial entities, lawyers, etc.
-Through solicitors we are contacting the bankruptcy administrators to obtain the list of affected.

Our idea is to create a new association legally constituted with people who want the building to be completed.
A website or forum is under construction with public information (videos, information in various languages) and another private area where information is given only to members (private information, well organized meetings, the financial situation, urbanization, …etc; that is, a forum to keep us united and provide ideas…etc).

It would be “a kind of cooperative”, but without having to be in charge of the building ourselves.

Therefore, those who wish to be part of this should send an e-mail with their full name, identity number, telephone and property numbers. All this is to avoid infiltrators. Although it might be hard work we may in the future ask for a copy of the first page of your contract to identify each person.

So those who wish to take part in this, should start by sending an e-mail with this information. At the moment as we do not have the website, you can send it to us, to start getting organized, for when the website is ready and keep you informed in more detail on what we are doing.

Best wishes, Cristobal, Emilio, Patricia

Author: Patricia Plaza
Translator: Anne Cenname

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trampolin Hills buyers on TVE

An estimated 70-80 buyers attended the meeting on Saturday where a program was made which you can view by clicking on the corresponding link in the links section to the right. The part on Trampolin Hills starts about 9 -10 minutes into the program. In a small meeting at the Town Hall the same day the mayor of Campos del Rio insisted that despite the delays, the Town Hall has always tried to do their best to grant permissions and still see the resort as a great benefit for the community. He promised that the final permissions will be accelerated so that they should be granted within a month. The buyers asked him to appear in the program and express this in public, which he did. A solicitor representing some of the buyers explained, among other things, that the bankruptcy was provoked by another company (not buyers of homes) who refused to accept their debts paid by the Trampolin company, preferring to drive Trampolin into bankruptcy. There is still a chance that the bankruptcy can be cancelled, but this depends partially on whether a considerable number of Trampolin buyers still wish to go through with their contracts despite the delays. One of the Trampolin company lawyers also appeared and explained that the company are still hoping to find solutions so that the houses can be built. A small meeting between Trampolin representatives and buyers is due to be held today discussing the possibilities of building the resort. We must add that the responsibility for the offices and show homes at Trampolin Hills is currently that of the bankruptcy administrators and they have already been informed of the disastrous conditions of the premises.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trampolin buyers will be meeting Saturday, 12th of December

Saturday, 12th of December, at 10.00 o’clock, 40-50 Trampolin buyers will be meeting at the Trampolin Hills site to discuss possible solutions to our problems with a lawyer representing some of the buyers, representatives from the Town Hall of Campos del Rio and hopefully the lawyers of the Trampolin company. Spanish national TV (TVE) will be making a program on the issue that morning, which should appear the following day, Sunday 13th of December in the program “España Directo”. The buyers will be travelling from various parts of Spain to attend this meeting and all buyers are, of course, welcome.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New initiative from Trampolin Hills buyers

A cooperative of Trampolin Hills buyers is hopefully being formed to help defend our interests, particularly regarding the land on which our properties were to be built. We have already contacted the buyers who are launching this initiative, offering to translate into English all important information so that English-speaking buyers have an equal chance to participate in the cooperative. To show your interest in this you can add your contact details to their form, which, for the time being, is only to register your interest.
Please also dont forget to subscribe to our posts for continuous updates.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Regarding the deadline to send in applications to be admitted in the list of creditors

We have been in contact with the bankruptcy administrators by email and with the court in Murcia by phone. We were informed verbally by the court that the deadline to send in applications to be admitted in the list of creditors, which expired 02/12/2009, is set by law and can not be extended. They said it is up to the bankruptcy administrators both to contact the buyers and to decide whether or not applications are admitted after this deadline, but they adviced us to continue sending in our applications.
As for the bankruptcy administrators, they have, since our first email, kindly included a letter in English on their website which we have thanked them for doing. But they have not given our requested confirmation that applications will be admitted after the deadline, and have stated that the applications will be dealt with individually. This meens that all those who have not yet been contacted by the bankruptcy administrators and especially those who have not been able to send in their applications yet or are in doubt whether their applications arrived in time and wish to know if their applications will be accepted, should send an email to:
If you wish to stay informed, please subscribe to our posts.
Best of luck to all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Press note

A brief press note has been edited in Spanish and will be sent to major Spanish national and local (Murcia) press. The note introduces our group and presents the main arguments for building the resort seen from a Spanish point of view. For reference we have adapted the note and translated it to English as seen below. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Comunicado de prensa:


Un grupo de compradores de viviendas del complejo Trampolín Hills de Murcia se niegan a perder la esperanza tras el concurso de la empresa promotora. La mayoría de ellos son extranjeros del norte de Europa esperando para poder disfrutar una de las más de 2000 viviendas del complejo que hasta ahora no se ha podido construir. Ahora se dirigen a las autoridades españolas pidiendo que tomen medidas para que el complejo se pueda realizar.

Un complejo de esta magnitud conlleva un importante interés público que no hay que perder de la vista. Al distrito le vienen muy bien los puestos de trabajo que traen la construcción, sobre todo en los tiempos de crisis que actualmente afecta este sector. Y el tipo de turismo que atraería el complejo beneficiaría los comercios y todo el sector de servicios de la zona.

Los compradores han pagado ya hasta 2/3 del precio de sus viviendas. Los retrasos por parte de las autoridades en el proceso de aprobación del plan parcial que afecta el terreno del complejo ha sido una de las causas de polémica. Ahora se pide la ayuda de las autoridades para evitar un escándalo internacional cuyo efecto sería un agravamiento de la crisis que ya ha afectado el sector inmobiliario con gran impacto.   

Press note:


A group of buyers of homes on the Trampolin Hills resort of Murcia refuse to give up their hopes after the bankruptcy of the company promoting the resort. The majority are citizens of Northern Europe waiting to be able to occupy one of the more than 2000 homes on the resort which to this date has not been started. They are now addressing Spanish authorities asking them to initiate procedures so that the resort can be built.

A resort of this dimension is associated with local public interests which should not be underestimated. The jobs involved in the building are much needed, above all in times of crisis such as those currently experienced in this sector. And the type of tourism which the resort would attract implies benefits for commerce and the entire services sector in the area.

The buyers have paid up to 2/3 of the price of their properties. The delays of the authorities in the process of finalization of planning permissions which affect the land destined for the resort have been one of the causes of dispute. Spanish authorities are now being asked for help to avoid an international scandal resulting in an aggravation of the crisis within the Spanish property market which has already been seriously affected.

The Media

We are looking for a Spanish speaking spokesperson to represent our group in a program about Trampolin Hills on national Spanish TV. Whoever volunteers should live near Murcia or be able to travel to Murcia when the program is being made.
Also we need English and Spanish speaking members to help write press notes and distribute them to  newspapers and whatever media we can in all European countries. Anyone who has spare time and likes to write is welcome to send us an e-mail.
Most especially anyone who has contacts or works within any media are welcome to contact us at

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deadline to send in application to be admitted in the list of creditors set to 02/12/2009

All those who have not yet sent in CERTIFIED COPIES of their contracts to the courts in Murcia along with the application form to be admitted in the list of creditors, should contact us by e-mail to asap. We will send you the application form and instructions to fill it out in English, as well as the adress. No solicitor is needed to do this. You should send the letter by special delivery or certified post and include the signed form, copies of your passports, receipts and cheques if you have any and certified copies of your contracts. Don't hesitate to e-mail us with any questions. Also we will apply for an extended deadline due to the total lack of information in English on the situation.

Buyers for the Building of Trampolin Hills

Buyers for the Building of Trampolin Hills
We are a group of buyers of properties in Trampolin Hills, situated in Murcia, Spain. After the bankrupcy of the company which was to build our properties we will try to share information and thoughts on how to proceed so that our properties can be built. We see this as the most pheasible way to prevent loss. Spanish authorities must take the responsability for the over 2000 buyers who have spent large parts of their life savings. Many of them are pensioners who hope to retire in Spain, do not speak Spanish and have not been given any information about the situation. Any ideas of how to proceed are welcome. One idea would be to make a petition to the authorities, signed by as many buyers as possible. We are waiting for your comments and good ideas and hoping to be able to reach as many buyers as possible.