Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stop the Spanish Property Roadshow

Just like me, I’m sure you’re appalled at the insulting cheek of the Spanish Government in sending Sr. Jose Blanco, the Spanish Development Minister (El Ministro de Fomento), around Europe ‘encouraging’ buyers of property abroad to start buying again in Spain . As long as they continue to misappropriate our monies, and betray our goodwill and trust they should not be allowed to set foot in the UK on such a touting-for-business mission.

Please would you help me to circulate information about the petition I’ve set up at this link:

It is a short, swift web-petition and is in the form of an Open Letter to David Lidington, Minister for Europe in our present coalition Government, and will be open for signatures to be added for one month only.

If you are in agreement with the letter please add your name. All that is required is a name - plus your e-address which will NOT be published. If you wish you can add in which area of the country you are living and there is a comment box if you want to say anything else, but those extras are entirely optional. You can also remain anonymous but it will be a stronger petition if you do give a name. If you are a couple please add both names.

I hope you will support this petition and tell others about it too. We have to move fast on it so please act quickly.

Thanks everyone.

For more on David Lidington see: and


Monday, April 18, 2011


We wish you all a very happy Easter holiday and and wish also to thank the Spanish head of government for the reply we have received from them, after sending them a copy of our petition to the local authorities in Campos del Rio. Anyone interested can email us for a copy of the letter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mr. Zapatero and Spain's economy

Some of us still remember the real estate boom in Spain as the good times when pensioners from all over Europe settled all along Spain’s Mediterranean Coast, creating much activity and new jobs in the real estate and building sectors and new markets for all sorts of other services and activities.
Now, as Mr. Zapatero, along with the rest of Spain’s government, is struggling to get over a crisis which seems like an economic quagmire, the boom we saw just a few years ago seems unreal.
But it was real. And why shouldn’t pensioners move to sunny Spain and settle there to relax and enjoy their retirement? Well, this is where the property scandals like Trampolin Hills and many others play a key role. It should not be so difficult for Spain’s government to understand that as soon as they show it is safe to buy property in Spain, we might very well get a new boom, and the ghost towns of unsold property all along the coast might be filled with happy pensioners, busy spending their pensions buying Spanish services and goods.
Mr. Zapatero should understand that the first step to improving Spain’s economy is showing it is safe to buy property in Spain, and that buyers do not risk losing their hard earned life savings because the company suddenly goes bankrupt or the authorities suddenly decide to demolish your home after finding the building permit they issued to be invalid.
As Marta Andreasen points out (see link): “We want a solution now“.
If you, as a buyer of property in Trampolin Hills, wish to, with all due respect, draw to Mr. Zapatero’s attention the importance of showing that buying property in Spain is safe, then you can write to the following email address: