Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Important agreement for the TrampolĂ­n Hills Project

Through conversations between representatives of the Association for the Affected of Trampolin Hills and Rafael Aguilera, co-proprietor of the company Trampolin Hills Golf Resort, we have managed to reach an agreement to cooperate regarding a formal agreement which implies the construction of Trampolin Hills. The fundamental basis for this agreement will be that of total respect on behalf of all collaborating parties, common benefit, totally on a non-profit basis and with the support of all buyers. In future meetings we will specify a plan to follow so as to coordinate the necessary negotiations with the banks, the town hall of Campos del Rio and the bankruptcy trustees. We invite each affected, members of the “Plataforma de Afectados del Grupo Trampolin”, as well as the group as a whole, to support the association in this cooperation, for the benefit of all buyers and affected.

When we have more details, we will keep you informed.

Association for the Affected of Trampolin Hills