Friday, May 3, 2013


Round Town News summed up one of the criminal cases against Trampolin Hills on 2nd May in an article titled NO JUSTICE! We might add that similar unexplained delays have occurred in the court dealing the bankruptcy of Trampolin Hills. FRUSTRATED AND angry at delays in a verdict in a fraud case has left property victim Andrew Wilford despairing over the Spanish justice system. Andrew and his wife Kate gave evidence before a Murcia Judge more than 10 weeks ago against the developer of the Trampolin Solera complex near the city. They maintained their life savings were effectively “stolen” and they were looking to the criminal courts to resolve the issue. However, despite being told Spanish law requires a judgement in a criminal case within five days – they have been told overworked courts in Murcia are running nine months late. And said it was even open to a criminal judge to give an indication as to his findings “without prejudice” to the full written version of the judgement. Justice delayed is justice denied according to the UK court system and Andrew said he was considering taking his “simple fraud case” to the European Court of human rights “since mine have been undeniably ‘assaulted’ by the courts in Spain.” He added: “Quite frankly, this situation is ridiculous. I assume that most ‘participants’ involved in Spain actually die before the cases are resolved – indeed, maybe this is the objective.” DEVELOPER Andrew and Kate were in the process of buying their Murcia home ‘off-plan’ when in 2008 discovered CAM Bank had granted developer Rafael Aguilera a builder’s mortgage based on an allegedly inflated valuation – despite the building being almost completed - and later sold the property to a third party. The couple, from Colwyn Bay, say they have lost 200,000€ in deposits and spent around another 100,000€ in legal fees. He believes they were “clearly defrauded” and the defendant should have been sentenced years ago. “He could have served a prison sentence and been released by now!” And Andrew asked: “What can be so complicated? I signed a contract to purchase a property, paid nearly 200,000€, the defendant then took out a huge mortgage with CAM Bank and then subsequently a sold my property to a third party. How can that be complicated? “In any normal civilised society, that would only take 30 seconds to decide. I fully appreciate that Spain and the banks are in ‘financial meltdown’ largely as a result of corrupt Spanish developers but does that really mean that citizens of other countries who are partners in Europe should be treated so badly?” And in a complaint to the Ministry of Justice, Andrew said: “My life savings were effectively stolen by a Spanish national in 2005 and yet here I am some eight years later still trying to achieve justice through your courts system – does this seem fair? I am sure we both know the answer – it is simply not fair!” He said he was finding it increasingly difficult to understand or appreciate the delay and was frustrated in his attempts to discover the reason. “I am really, after five years of waiting, becoming increasingly concerned as to just what is happening about this matter.”

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